Lawn Maintenance

Detailed service that brings out the best qualities in your lawn. Enjoy having a beautiful yard all year long with Green South's expert lawn maintenance services.

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Why Lawn Maintenance?

Your home's curb appeal is something you take pride in. Maintaining each element of your lawn creates a beautiful place you'll enjoy spending time. Let the Green South crew take the work off your hands by attending to the details so you can get back to doing what you love. We treat each property as if it’s our own to cultivate a healthy, thriving environment you’ll be proud of. 

Our Services

What lawn maintenance services does Green South offer?

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Year-round maintenance visits
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Spring and Fall flowers
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Pine straw application
"The entire Green South crew have been phenomenal. From installation of the irrigation system during construction to the landscape lighting later that year, and all the consistent advice and support in between, Green South is one of my favorite local businesses and will continue to be my go-to crew. I highly recommend them for all irrigation and landscape lighting needs."


"I really appreciate the Green South team showing up to address my irrigation issues! They did a fantastic job today. I’m glad they suggested putting the pond on a separate pump and isolating it from the irrigation system to get better pressure for the irrigation zones. Again, thank you for promptly addressing my irrigation needs! Please use me as a reference."


"I was impressed by the Green South team from the moment they arrived to fix, tweak and repair our irrigation system. We inherited a lemon of an irrigation system when we purchased our home. The team came up with a plan to revive this system and bring it back to life. When additional issues arose (no fault of theirs), Green South was there to deal with those issues. Money well spent."


"Green South did an outstanding job on our landscape lighting. We couldn’t be more pleased! The Green South crew was everything we could hope for in developing and executing a beautiful landscape lighting plan that met our budget. I would recommend Green South without reservation!"


"The facility has never looked so good. The blooms on the azaleas came out and the striping on the lawn is fantastic. Your crew is respectful and thorough"


"The Green South team is made up of employees of whom you can be proud. They do good work and are very courteous"


"I found Green South to be very knowledgeable, professional and had a strong work ethic. There were several issues in repairing our old system and adding on new zones and the team managed every issue expertly. I would highly recommend them and I appreciate what they did for us!"


"Thanks to the Green South team for my beautiful lawn this September!! One of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made for the health of our lawn was to have a reliable company install a reliable irrigation system!"


"We had an excellent experience with Green South. They installed outdoor lighting and we are very pleased with the outcome. Easy to work with and completed the job ahead of schedule!"


"The property looks so tidy and well kept. The flowers are beautiful, and the attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Say thanks to your team for us."


"Great guys! Took care of my issues and created a plan for long term lawn care."


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Top three questions about Lawn Maintenance

You're probably here for information, so we've listed the top three questions we get about our Lawn Maintenance services below along with the answers!

Does it cost a lot to have a lawn cared for?
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We like to inform our customers that having a yard maintained is a luxury service. Not everyone has a yard, and not everyone can have their yard professionally cared for. We are not a "mow, blow, and go" service, so we are likely not going to win a competing bid where the only factor is price. We will however provide higher value than any of our competition by caring for your property like it’s ours and putting our years of expertise to work making your yard as beautiful as it can be.

What are the normal services included in lawn maintenance?
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We provide a full-service experience including mowing, pruning and shrub care. We advise our customers to invest in lawn spraying applications which are done by local spray-chemical professionals. Additionally, we provide flowers and pine mulch applications twice a year.

How do we get started?
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We currently have a waiting list for lawn care services. You can put your name on our client list and we will update you when there is an opening in our availability. Our average wait time is currently 6 months.

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