Springtime is Here!

Cooper Evans
February 20, 2018
2 min read

Making dreams become realities by providing hassle-free watering!

Springtime Is Here! Are you tired of those crazy, expensive water bills?
Have your irrigation system maintained by Green South Irrigation. Spring time is almost here and we want to preserve the earth's watering sources as well as keep your yard alive, healthy, and lush. People tell me all the time they don’t want irrigation because it’s so expensive. Truthfully, as recently as 5 years ago that was the case. However, because of the MPR nozzle technology, high-efficiency heads, rain sensors, and check valves we can now save you as much as 35-40% on your water usage every month. We will even provide you with a detailed water budget for your yard.

We are dedicated to helping you save money with your irrigation system this summer by using all of our resources to optimize your systems functionality.

We offer Two Options

$99 Spring Start Up

Dates Range: March 1st - April 30th.
Within the dollar amount listed above, you will receive a system startup, a free system report, spray head adjustments, assessment of pipes lines , and evaluation of wire connections, and clock adjustment.

Biannual Package $389 (a year)

This is our Cadillac of services. Want to truly insure the longevity of your system? This is the way to go!

What You Get!

  • A full system flush
  • Re-pressurization of system
  • Adjustments made to all heads
  • Re-evaluation of watering times, adjusting for any new city watering by-laws
  • Repair of damage or leaks that may have occurred over last season or during thewinter (one Repair included)
  • Controller evaluation and battery replacement as needed
  • Valve examinations to discover any leaks that could lead to water waste
  • Winterization Package included (click link below for more details)

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Cooper Evans

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