Preparing your irrigation system for winter

Cooper Evans
October 30, 2019
2 min read

With all the care and attention your yard needs in the summer, it is easy to forget about the invisible financial investment of your irrigation system buried in the ground. However, it's crucial to keep things in tip-top shape to prevent breakages and inefficiencies in the colder months too. We would like the opportunity to show you exactly why winterization is crucial to the health of your system.  

What is winterizing?
Most people are familiar with the concept of attaching insulated boxes onto water spigots around their property.  Your irrigation needs similar treatment each year. The longevity of the system is compromised by leaving the system full of water or the valves full of water.  If you neglect to clear the whole system, water and air trapped in the lines may end up freezing and cracking the apparatus. When we winterize your system, we do more than just power it down.

How is the winterization done?
First, we remove all the built-up water, then set up wiring for cooler temperatures, and lastly, we do an evaluation of the system prior to turning it off. This ensures the system is still in proper working order and will be once you turn it back on in the spring.Valve components that get damaged from not winterizing:

  • The solenoid freezes, keeping system from turning on and off.
  • The diaphragm assembly freezes and cracks.
  • Both will make the zone run without turning off.  

Still asking, why is preventative care important?
The cost of replacing one single valve could cost up to $220.
We offer this service for systems under 10 zones for only $99.

Don't waste time having to deal with nasty breaks.

Schedule your winterization and be prepared this winter!
Please note, we book winterizations from October 20th-December 15th. We can only fit so many of these services into our schedule, due to the demand of the season. Please schedule yours as soon as possible to reserve your spot. We schedule on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Cooper Evans

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