Outdoor Lighting is Perfect for the Fall

Cooper Evans
September 6, 2022

Fall is our favorite season at Green South. We look forward to the crisp air, beautiful leaves, and lush green grass. It is an excellent time to throw outdoor parties or spend time with the family late into the evening. One of the only downsides to this season is that it gets dark so much earlier, especially as we approach the winter months. This looming fact of fall is why we decided to start an outdoor lighting company.

I remember the first time I installed lighting at my home. My wife and I were drinking wine on the front porch, and I thought, “Man, with all the money that we have spent on having a beautiful landscape, I wish we could see it in the evenings, as well as during the day.” Research began and I discovered many new products, and, before you knew it, we installed outdoor lighting.  I will never forget seeing my beautiful dark red maple tree lit by a soft, yellow-toned outdoor light. It was truly breathtaking. Such a beautiful thing to behold, to see creation enjoyed in the cool evening with my family and friends.  

Since that day, we have worked endlessly to build a company that can provide this same gratification to our clients. We take ample time to design a custom outdoor lighting system for each of our customers. We do not stop working until we get you, our customer, exactly what you want. We take pride in the success we have had in achieving that goal. Every customer we have installed lighting for walks away with a professionally designed lighting system. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

A large part of our success is not just the product, but the design process. We have built a team of artistic designers with years of experience creating stunning outdoor spaces. These designers do not only build you the perfect design, but they also follow through and install it, just as planned. 

What separates us from our competitors in the lighting industry is that we prioritize you above all else. You are number one for us at Green South, and your landscape and lighting successes are ours as well. 

By now, I know that you must be itching to light up that beautiful landscape of yours, so let me shine some light on how to get started. It’s easy - you will simply fill out the contact form on our website and then we will schedule a time for one of our designers to come out to your residence and design your new system in real-time with you. You will then book the project, and the installation will begin. 

Before you know it, you will be sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying your outdoor space with a new sense of safety, relaxation, and a solid investment, abiding in the beautiful space we have brought to life. Contact us today to get started. We are excited to work with you! 

Cooper Evans

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