Making your irrigation more sustainable and affordable

Cooper Evans
January 29, 2021
2 min read

Why should you get a spring start-up?

Improved lifespan of system
Getting an annual spring start-up for your irrigation system is like getting a yearly check-up with your doctor.  Doing this allows us to fine-tune, tweak, and correct issues with your irrigation system to keep it running smoothly for longer..

Opportunity to improve system efficiency and save both water and money
By checking the system yearly through spring start-ups, we can see how your landscape’s needs for water change, and we can begin to address those changes.  Over time as they mature, plants tend to need less water.  Dialing back the irrigation on those areas can help save you money long-term by using less water.  On top of that, new and more efficient products are released every year.  We can find ways to implement those improvements in your system to make sure you’re always watering as efficiently as possible and saving as much money as you can.

Finding issues before they are more costly
Leaks happen.  One way or another, things break down over time.  By doing spring start-ups, we can often catch leaks early before they get worse and more costly.  Whether it’s a leaking head, broken nozzle, or crushed pipe, it’s always better and less expensive to catch an issue on the front end.

Going into summer with confidence in the system
After having your system inspected you can go into the irrigation season with full confidence that your system is functioning exactly how it should be.  Knowing your investment is doing what it’s meant to do to the best of its ability is a huge peace of mind.

What can you expect from a startup?

  • Re-pressurization of irrigation system
  • Corrections to controller (including date/time, system start times, number of set programs, and watering run times in accordance with any new by-laws or regulations as needed)
  • Adjustments made to all heads and nozzles in each zone to allow for accurate and efficient watering
  • Inspection for leaks and other issues and repairs as needed
  • Evaluation of system and suggestions for improvement

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Cooper Evans

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