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Is Saving Money Your Goal?

Jordan Luna
February 15, 2019
3 min read

Water conservation with a Spring Startup

This year has started with a bang for Green South Irrigation. We have seen a wave of growth in both our irrigation services and also our new landscape lighting service. The vision of the company started by my dad, David, has continued to grow and change over the years. When I took over the business in 2017, I wanted to shift the focus to offering high quality products and specialized service in irrigation. We are sticking to this by offering products that regulate water usage more effectively, saving you money and helping the environment. We have also continued the process of getting each of our technicians certified by the Irrigation Association of America. By this progress, we hope to serve each customer better, and leave a light footprint on our planet.

We’re welcoming the spring season by sending out this reminder to our customers that it’s the perfect time to get a check up for your irrigation system! Whether your system was shut off for the winter, or whether it powered through- it’s time to get it looked at. Our Spring Startup service does just that. Our technician will do a thorough evaluation of your system and ensure everything is set correctly. We understand that using your system is costly and at times may feel like an unnecessary expense. However, we are here to tell you that it is worth the investment to keep your lawn and plants looking healthy. This is especially important as we move into another hot summer where water bills can spike.    

When you let us manage your irrigation system, we do a full inspection to ensure it is running correctly. The four factors we take into consideration are: current climate, areas of sun/shade, density of your soil, and water coverage. Each of these factors influence how effective your system runs throughout the summer. Installing a rain sensor to your system will automatically cut off scheduled watering times. Likewise, a small change in the right direction of the sprinkler head can make a big difference for water coverage.    

Are you wanting to save money on water this year? By changing your irrigation heads, we can cut your water bill in half.  

Your current irrigation system could be wasting up to 9,673 gallons of water every week. Here’s how. The typical lawn with 5 zones will run 6 Rotor irrigation heads in each zone. These sprinkler heads use approximately 3 gallons of water a minute and need to run for 30 minutes to adequately water your lawn. If you’re watering your lawn five days a week, you are using 13,500 gallons of water each week.On the other hand, if we change your irrigation heads to MPRS which run more efficiently, your usage goes down to 3,825 gallons a week. These updated irrigation heads use approximately 1.7 gallons a minute and only need 15 minutes to water your lawn adequately. Again, this will save you up to 9,673 gallons of water a week! Most of our customers who have switched to these heads have seen savings up to 40% on their water bill!    

Whether it’s time for new heads or a system check up, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your Spring Startup today!

Jordan Luna
Office Manager

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